How does Mobile Passport differ from Trusted Traveler programs, such as Global Entry?

Global Entry (aviation), Nexus (northern land border), and Sentri (southern land border) are “Trusted Traveler” programs, requiring a background check, fee, and interview. Once approved, a kiosk is used for each U.S. arrival, then members proceed to the designated lane where they will hand a paper receipt to an officer, and keep walking.

Mobile Passport is an app based on an automation program, meaning it enables passport and customs declaration form submissions via mobile devices, instead of the traditional paper form or Automated Passport Control kiosks. The Mobile Passport app can be downloaded for free and used immediately; it does not require a background check, interview, pre-approval, or a “Trusted Traveler” number.

The “Trusted Traveler” programs and the Mobile Passport app are different but complement each other. We suggest travelers wait until they have arrived at the port of entry before making a submission to CBP. Travelers with both programs may wish to wait until approaching the inspection area to determine the shortest line (which may vary depending on the port and time of day), then decide which program to use, at that time.