What is the “nutrition label” for Mobile Passport?

The Apple App Store now requires app developers to add a privacy “nutrition label” to explain what data is collected at a glance. At Airside, where we stand by our motto of “Privacy First. Human Always.”, we think this is a great policy!

Mobile Passport is a mobile automation program; the data collected on the app is the same data collected on the Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosks. The kinds of data collected are: (1) selfie(s); (2) valid U.S. or Canadian passport information; and (3) answers to the U.S. CBP Declaration Form 6059B for you (and your family).

When using Mobile Passport to submit your information to U.S. CBP you will consent to share the passport information and answers to the declaration form. The selfies are stored only on your device and are not included in any submissions to U.S. CBP.

Regardless of how you process through passport control, U.S. CBP keeps a record of each traveler entering the United States. Airside does not have a central database or any other means to store your data.